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Arborist in Halifax

An arborist is someone who studies trees, shrubs, bushes, and is able to provide the proper care for individual trees. Certified arborists have a deep level of knowledge around how to help trees flourish and stave off potential diseases. Arborists often also handle general tree care and provide services such as tree removal, trimming, and stump removal.

What is An Arborist?

An arborist holds the necessary certifications and degrees that are required by their geographical location. In Nova Scotia, this includes the ISA certification, WHMIS, EHAP, ArborMaster Training, Advanced Electrical Hazards Awareness Course For Utility Tree Workers, and more.

An arborist can determine the proper steps that need to be taken for a tree to experience the best possible growing conditions. An arborists job is more general than a specialized tree technician, but they often find themselves performing jobs similar to a tree service technician.

What Does an Arborist Do?

Arborists help trees grow and stay healthy in a number of ways. This can include services such as tree planting, transplanting, tree removal, pruning, fertilizing, and emergency tree care. The difference between an arborist and a tree technician is that an arborist has a deeper well of knowledge to draw from, and gains experience in the understanding of how trees function, how individual species react to various conditions, and the best course of action for creating a positive growth expectation.

Arborists may work with individual trees but are also capable of working with local landscape ecosystems to ensure the proper growth conditions for all plants and trees in the area. Some of the ways a professional may cultivate proper conditions is through surveying the surrounding soil, prevention of diseases or predators, staving off parasites, setting up lightning protection, and ensuring that each tree, shrub, or plant has the necessary conditions in order to properly grow.

How Can An Arborist Help?

While all tree service professionals need the proper certifications in order to operate the heavy equipment and tools needed to perform safe tree care, arborists also carry additional knowledge around how trees work from the roots up. An arborist can help you diagnose potential diseases and parasites that your trees may be fighting. They can consult on how to properly fight certain diseases, the best way to prune and trim specific types of trees and plants, and offer guidance into whether or not a tree should come down based on its health status.

Some arborists may work alongside tree care companies or they may work independently, although the latter is rarer. Arborists love to work outside and have a deep affinity for nature and the health of the organisms in our world.

Halifax arborists will be able to tell you what is happening with your trees and the necessary steps needed to make them healthy, or whether or not they should come down.

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