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Raccoon removal near me

Raccoons are extremely adaptable, enough to invade your property in search of shelter and food. These bandit-looking animals become an instant problem in your yard or home as they carry with them the risk of diseases. They can also be quite destructive and are known to be vicious whenever they feel threatened. Because of the aggressive nature of raccoons, it’s vital to be particularly cautious when dealing with them.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry, trying to figure out who can get rid of these furry creatures. If you’re searching for “raccoon removal near me,” our SoCal wildlife removal services are the best choice. At Animoval, we’re one of the leading critter control companies in Los Angeles, CA, that will ensure not one raccoon is left in your home if you’re facing an invasion.

What To Do If You See a Raccoon in Your House, Establishment, or Yard

Raccoons have long, sharp claws and can be disease carriers. So, if one scratches, you could end up getting rabies. If you’re not sure what to do if you realize you have raccoons on your property, here are several steps pest control services recommend you take:

  • Don’t Confront Them

When raccoons feel cornered, they’ll try to attack you. If you notice the animal is unable to get out of a specific room, steer clear from the area. Also, make sure you wear heavy, long-sleeved clothing in case it attempts to bite or scratch you.

  • Put A Fence Around Your Garden

A normal fence won’t do much to deter the mammals—they’re excellent climbers. So, to foolproof your garden, install a 2-wire electric fence roughly 12 inches high and run it at night.

  • Maintain A Clean Home

An unkempt house littered with piles of dirty dishes provides a conducive environment for raccoons. Therefore, make sure your home is always clean. Also, always put all the garbage bags inside the cans, not on top or around them.

  • Secure Your Trash Cans

Raccoons eat almost anything they find. To prevent these critters from rummaging through your garbage cans, get a tight-fitting lid. You can secure your trash cans further by tying the ends with bungee cords or placing a large rock on top of them. And for waste that emits a strong odor, place it in a double bag so that the animals don’t pick up the scent easily.

  • Call Raccoon Removal Experts As Soon As Possible

If raccoons feel threatened, they’ll do everything possible, including attacking you, in order to escape. As such, removing these mammals from your property is best left to animal control services in Los Angeles. Professionals have the skills, knowledge, experience, and equipment needed to get rid of the pests safely, effectively, and humanely. They also know what to do to keep raccoons from coming back.

Humane Raccoon Removal Experts

If you’ve spotted raccoons in your home and are searching for “raccoon removal near me,” look no further than us at Animoval. As one of the top humane pest control companies, we’ll get rid of them in an efficient and safe way. Once we’ve caught all the raccoons, we’ll release them into a natural habitat, far away from your property, and secure your home against re-entry. Contact us online or by phone for the best humane animal removal services in Southern California:

Raccoon removal near me


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Raccoon removal near me

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