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Stump Removal and Grinding in Halifax NS

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Halifax Stump Removal and Grinding

Stump removal and grinding services may be necessary in a lot of cases. Once the tree’s top growth is gone, including the trunk, then all you’re left with is a stump in your yard. Some people choose to keep their stump there for various reasons, but to get rid of a stump completely, hire the experts to get the job done.

Stump removal is a relatively simple process. However, due to the fact that the stump has numerous, long roots flowing through the ground, it’s not like you can simply pull it out. Getting rid of your stump will require professional stump removal equipment to dispose of the remnants of the tree properly. Or a whole lot of manual labor and time.

    Stump with a small tree growing out of it

    Why Remove The Stump?

    You’ll want to remove the tree stump after the tree is appropriately taken away in most cases. Some of the reasons you may want to do this are to plant new trees, grow grass in the area where the tree was, or start a new garden.

    You can also use the remaining mulch and sawdust in your garden or for various other home projects. Sprinkling sawdust around your garden can help prevent weeds, contribute to the soil’s nitrogen makeup, keep roots cool, and retain water in the ground.

    You can also use sawdust around the house to plug holes in wood, recycle it for particleboard use, or create a better grip on slippery surfaces.

    What Happens When You Leave A Stump?

    It is entirely possible to leave a stump in place. It will merely be in the way on your lawn, causing inconvenience when trying to mow the grass or plant new trees or plants.

    The stump will slowly start to decay and become a potential home to a wide variety of critters and possible diseases. This is not the biggest problem as long as the issues don’t spread to other plants and trees on the lawn.

    Stump Grinding vs. Complete Root Removal

    There are two choices you have a stump left behind. The first is to grind the stump down and use the remaining sawdust around your property. This is the easiest and more efficient way to deal with the stump. The roots will still be left behind, and they will slowly decay as well. They may attract the same types of critters and diseases that an entire stump would attract. However, at least you won’t have the sizeable immovable tree stump still sticking out of the ground.

    On the other hand, you can remove the entirety of the stump and its roots, leaving your lawn utterly free of any remnants of the former tree. The process takes more time and is much more labour-intensive. Sometimes, the roots of a tree can span 4-12′ out from the stump’s original position.

    It comes down to the amount of work you want to put into it. Leaving the roots behind will not create much of a problem, so we generally advise our customers to go for stump grinding. However, there are certain cases where the roots should be removed as well.

    Stump Removal Equipment

    We use a specialized machine that grinds down your tree stump and creates sawdust. It is important to note that we grind the stump to below the lawn’s grade, so it won’t hinder the growth of new grass in the area where the tree was. Many of the roots will still be present underneath the surface, but they are part of your property’s ecosystem and don’t need to be removed.

    Cutting through the various roots running underneath your lawn is a time-consuming and labor-intensive endeavor.

    Using the stump grinder is also one of the most satisfying tools we can use on the job. It does a fantastic job at eating through the stump and turning it into easy-to-use sawdust and mulch.

    Important Stump Removal Considerations

    It is important to trust professionals with the removal of any stumps on your property. Getting rid of it yourself can be difficult and dangerous. We have the equipment and the experience to remove your tree stumps safely and adequately. Unless you have experience using a stump grinder before, it is advised that you trust a company that specializes in eliminating stumps to do the job.

    Additional Tree Services

    On top of performing stump removal, we are also local tree service experts specializing in tree removal in Halifax and tree trimming and pruning. If you have a question about any of the services we offer, please reach out and speak to one of our experts.

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